Pegasus Children’s Project, UK

The Pegasus Children’s Project charity here in the UK has provided regular funds to the hostel since the beginning. Firstly the need was for capital funds to build the hostel and provide the facilities. Lately the needs have been more around the day to day running of the hostel and supporting each of the children as they grow up within the community. Although there always seems to be something that needs fixing or replacing!

Regular donors and sponsors enable us to send a contribution out to the hostel every month to meet the hostel and schooling overheads. We are committed to securing this funding into the long term despite the current economic environment, and we always need to find new funding to flow into our pot just to stand still. 

The Tribal Earth community has been supporting the Pegasus children for many years, and a member of the Tribal Earth organising committee is a trustee of the charity.

We are very conscious of how much the project depends on our monthly donations. We welcome any new regular donors as well as one off gifts to help us to keep up our critical support to the hostel. Any amount given regularly by standing order is always hugely welcome.

Some of our supporters sponsor an individual child for £40 a month. This is enough money to support all of their living, educational and health needs. Once a year there is the opportunity to send and receive letters directly with the child, and we will ensure you get an update on their progress as they grow and develop within the hostel. There are boys and girls from age 4 to 16 and the children are always delighted to know that someone is supporting them, however far away.

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