Sponsoring a Child in the Hostel

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Most of the money we raise to support our hostel comes through regular monthly sponsorship from our
extraordinary team of supporters. Often a sponsor will support a particular child all the way through the education until they leave college and move on into the big, wide world.

But the sad fact in Nepal is that there are always new children arriving at our door, sometimes in grave need of rescue, sometimes just needing a few months away from a troubled family while other problems are resolved. So we are always needing to find new people who are able to join us as sponsors.

Supporting a child in the hostel

The money we send to the hostel pays for all the support needs for the children that we support. It pays for their food, clothes and other provisions and sundries, their education, books and uniform for school, their medical bills, the salaries of the dedicated on-site staff, and the general running and upkeep of the hostel (fuel, repairs and maintenance etc).

How to sponsor

Click here to download the Sponsorship form.

There are different ways to sponsor depending on what suits you.

If you would like to be linked to an individual child (exchanging letters, photos and updates on progress) then we ask you to think about the sort of commitment you are able to make.  The relationship is important to the child, so if you are unsure about how long you might be able to commit for, then it is fine to just become a “friend of the hostel”. 

We have calculated that it costs around £60 a month to provide all the support listed above per child in the hostel.  So we ask for a monthly contribution of around that amount (or at least £45) in order to be linked to a child.

Several of our sponsors share the commitment with another family member or close friend in order to be sure of a longer term commitment. But there is of course no obligation, and you stay in control of your monthly standing order.

If you are not sure about whether you can commit to long term support, or would like to make a smaller monthly donation, then we welcome any regular gift you can afford.

If you are not sure about signing up to a standing order, then you can make one-off donations anytime via the “Donate Now” button on here and on our facebook page.

What do I get when I sponsor a child?

You will get a Welcome Letter from us together with a photograph and recent update of the child that you are sponsoring.  This will provide you with an emotional link to our work in Nepal.  You will then receive our newsletters and an update on your child’s progress at least once a year.  We also provide opportunities for you to send and receive letters so that your sponsored child is able to form a direct bond with you. 

Sign up to sponsor a child or make a regular donation

Simply download the form here. You can set up your standing order, or send it to us to set up for you. Please follow the instructions on the form.

Make a one-off donation now

Click Here to see some examples of children waiting for sponsors.