Maintenance Fund

In 2006 earthbag builders, Small 
Earth, took a three-man team out to the terraced slopes on the edge of the Shivapuri National Park to a site that was soon to become the home for the Pegasus Project. 

Working in collaboration with local villagers and generously funded by supporters in the UK, they built over 40 earth domes for accommodation and welfare, along with supporting infrastructure and terrace stabilisation works.

By the time these buildings were completed in August 2007, the site had become an iconic landmark in the area. The freshly lime-washed domes stood out amongst the backdrop of the surrounding woodland and looked stunning, both inside and out. 

However, 7 years on, the story is somewhat different. Although the site has expanded and several new buildings have been added, the condition of the earth domes has gradually deteriorated and the time has come to embark on a comprehensive repair and maintenance schedule.

Our priority over the last 7 years has been funding the day-to-day running costs.  Whilst we have responded to requests for urgent repairs funding (eg the bus and the road), we haven’t formally been setting any money aside for major repairs.  

So we are now raising funds so that, in collaboration with Small Earth, another team can be sent out to Nepal this winter to carry out the necessary work and bring the buildings back into excellent condition.

We’re looking to raise £15,000 over the next 6 months to enable this vital work to be carried out and establish an on-going asset maintenance programme. We are ring-fencing the money raised in this campaign in a dedicated bank account.

A full list of the works and associated costs will be available for anyone (individuals or businesses) interested in sponsoring a particular element of the programme - for instance, the heavy seasonal rains have eroded the end of a terrace threatening to undermine one of the buildings. The proposed works will stabilise the land and install a robust drainage system for future surface run-off management. 

Other less expensive work (such as repairing door thresholds or re-painting the domes) also needs to be paid for without impacting on the day to day funding stream that is feeding, clothing and educating the children. 

Currently (June) the fund is standing at £1,260 – which is brilliant considering it was only launched halfway through May! 

If you’d like to make a contribution to the Maintenance Fund you can donate now by paypal, or get in touch with us by email to make direct arrangements.  You can also find out more details on the Small Earth website -