Pravin has been with the Pegasus Community since he was just 5 years old. Now he is one of the oldest boys in the hostel. Pravin was kind enough to write an article for the website detailing his experiences with Pegasus. Pravin's letter can be read below:

"I am Pravin Mahat and I am one of the hostelers at Pegasus Happy Home Hostel.  I’ve completed my high school and now I amstudying in higher secondary level at New Summit College which is one of the renowned colleges in Nepal where I am studying computer science. 

In my past life before coming to Pegasus, I used to study in a small school for very young children.  But my chance of staying in school was very restricted because my father left us when I was very young.  So my mother was the only person to generate income for the whole family (I have two brothers and a sister – I am the youngest).   So my family was very poor and life was very hard.

But my mother really wanted to find a way to give us an opportunity to improve our lives.  So she went to see the Pegasus Principal, Mr
Kinley D Lama, to see if he could give my older brother any work.  Mr Kinley saw that my brother was still really small, and so he gave him a place in the school and gave my mother a job in the school instead.  Shortly after this my mother became the cook and caretaker for the new Pegasus hostel.

When Mr Kinley found a sponsor for me, I also got the golden opportunity to study in Pegasus English School which is one of the renowned schools here around Boudha in Kathmandu.  My journey in Pegasus started from class S.K.G (i.e pre–primary) in the year 2000 - I was just 5 years old then.

When I reached class three I moved into the Pegasus hostel where my mother was the cook and caretaker.  There were only twenty five students, all boys, when I first moved there.  The flat where we used to live was rented.  We used to sleep in a single room with a separate kitchen.  My brothers and sister had all been taken into other hostels by this time.  I am very lucky that I was able to stay close to my mother.  More recently one of my brothers has come to the Pegasus Happy Home because he was not well looked after in the other school.

At the end of 2002 we moved to our new hostel building at Nayapati near Sundarijal. The house was an old Nepali style building made of mud and bricks. But we had enough rooms, a kitchen, and a big playground.  Then gradually the number of student started increasing and when we were about thirty we had a short trip to Pokhara, out of Kathmandu valley.  It was really a wonderful moment and a great experience.  We didn’t have our own bus at that time, so we had to hire a van. The next year we even visited Chitwan and at that time we had our own bus. We enjoyed elephant riding and visited different places in the area. It was really a wonderful moment.  Our country has many beautiful places, but most people here are too poor to be able to visit them like the tourists do.  So I feel very privileged to have had these opportunities.

At the end of 2007 we again moved to another place near the forest because we were having problems with the water supply.  We had to pump the water from underground.  Also, the number of students living at the hostel was increasing and the area we had there wasn’t sufficient.  Now, we have an even bigger place than before, and we are almost a hundred in number now.  And we have various facilities like separate hall for dining and studying.  We have a separate kitchen and separate beds for all and an open playground and many more great facilities.   My mother still works here, but she has help now because there are so many children to look after.  She is the hardest working person I have ever met!

 I passed my S.L.C. (School Leaving Certificate) in 2011. It has almost been thirteen years that I have been living in Pegasus  Happy Home Hostel and during this span of time I have found that the hostel is not just a place to study but it is much more than that.  It can be taken as a place where an individual learns to be responsible, co-operative, dutiful and honest. I think everyone in Pegasus is learning such good qualities of life. 

We have done many interesting activities in the hostel.  We frequently go for jungle walks because we are located close to Shivapuri National Park.  We have even been camping several times.  As a group we have done many activities like gardening, treasure hunting and several other games.  Most of us like playing football.  I also like football a lot. I am even interested in music and songs, and also reading books. 

Most of the children here are not as lucky as me - I have been able to stay close to my mother during my childhood here.  But we are one big family and we all look after each other.  I am very grateful to our honorable principal sir and my dearest sponsor for their help
and support to me and my family - they provided me with the opportunity to get a really good education that will enable me to make a better life.  I do not like to think what might have happened to me if Pegasus had not taken me in."